Motorcycle Race Fairing Install Howto

this is going to be an attitude for installing race bearings the bike we didn’t writing style airings on is on that cbr600rr to 2007 I’ve got some arm of the body’s bodywork that I’m going to install along here the first thing I’m going to install is the tail the reason I’ll start with the tail is because it doesn’t connect anything else so it’s pretty much just straightforward fit on sometimes you...

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Is the 07 too old for the Suzuki GSXR

what’s up guys sean here from sr k cycles comm and I’m riding a bike I’m riding a bike that is very first of all it is obnoxious ly loud it’s it might be as loud as my race bike its obnoxiously loud but this bike it’s very very near and dear to my heart because it’s the same bike 2007 GSXR 600 that I’ve I’ve I’ve been riding for a long time this is the same as my track bike I just I feel I just...

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How to mount batwing fairing to forks

two-inch clamp from Home Depot to a half-inch clamp from Home Depot a little tight to get this one on this one when I’m pretty easy but this one was a little tight you just go on by these clamps the riveted on so this plate here stays on there then this here just one inch spacer this is a half inch spacer and quarter inch spacers make it three three quarters they didn’t have any 3/4 so that’s why I have that there and I just got...

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Create Missing Pieces on Cracked and Broken Street Bike Fairing

Motorcycle plastics are often discarded because small pieces of plastic are broken and missing. We will recreate the missing piece on this side so that it matches the piece on the opposite side. Prepare for the repair by transferring the PlastiFix liquid into the applicator bottle. Unscrew the top from the applicator bottle. Push the tip sideways until it breaks free. Use the pipette that was included with your PlastiFix kit to transfer the liquid...

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1969 Ducati The Duchess of Speed

[Applause] you Racing is like the real thing behind the motorbikes overtaking someone and knowing okay I’m in front of you now that’s the fun the first time I was like I actually got a ride on my own ¬†motorcycle fairings ¬† now I have to do my own lanes I have to get into the corner ride without following anybody so I’m the leader it’s weird but it’s a really cool name because something everybody wants to achieve she...

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