1969 Ducati The Duchess of Speed

[Applause] you Racing is like the real thing behind the motorbikes overtaking someone and knowing okay I’m in front of you now that’s the fun the first time I was like I actually got a ride on my own  motorcycle fairings   now I have to do my own lanes I have to get into the corner ride without following anybody so I’m the leader it’s weird but it’s a really cool name because something everybody wants to achieve she was not really into motorcycles once in a while she said on the rear seat and enjoyed riding with me but her main thing was horseback riding I did my license when I was 16 because I wanted to get from my little village to town which is like it does it is like a long bus ride so with a bike it’s like 20 minutes which is really really fast my dad made me do some trainings with a bike for getting the curse better and for being safe on the street I liked those trainings really much so I did a few of them and then he took me to the right track for some instructor training it had made really fast progress and the guys told me why are you doing such a good job don’t you want to like do a race training someday and my first race training parallel to that she was my passenger in my BMW sidecar race bike and we had a very much fun together [Applause] I’m used to make my own decisions it’s probably because my parents they were never really strict I was always allowed to do my own stuff and I see friends struggling with their own decisions I enjoy my life as a student but I don’t have that much time like on
the weekends I’m usually gone like not every weekend but often at either I’m at the track at the race or I’m at home – my dad with the bikes it’s a Ducati from 1969 it has a brand new 350 engine built by a friend of my dad and my dad used to race the bike when he was younger it is very light a couple of years ago we bought a special racing frame from Italy and we we put on a special drum brake in the front wheel but the heart of the bike is the engine and the engine the performance and the power is unique the engine has a dry clutch which is special it has around 40 horsepower the the carburetor size is 40 millimeter which is also rather rather large for such a 350 engine in has forged piston special piston with high compression and ninja 300 fairings   you cannot buy such a such a bike in a shop so it makes it very very special the the hour before the race is really hard I am like thinking about okay you have to be careful I mean if something happens of course the bike I mean I don’t want to smash the bike but it’s mainly because when I’m at the camper I just I lie down like the the half-an-hour before the race I lay down and I listen to music and I just try to get myself together to like be okay it’s gonna be fine you’re I’m getting around the track in my head I’m taking my phone and I’m stopping at the time when I’m in my head and I try to know every every bit of the track really really well so there’s no surprises going to happen and I try to focus myself but I try to try to stay calm I’m mainly racing against guys so sometimes I’m the only girl and the boys see my hair under my helmet and they know it’s a girl riding in front of them and they’re like mmm when they overtake them they do get mad sometimes but it’s dutchess serious I mean they they all know me and it’s okay for them but they do say that it’s weird for them becoming overtaken by a girl it’s just it’s different than when another guy would overtake them [Applause] horses name is the most northern racetrack in Germany from here you it takes about one hour to go there by by my car and we used this track for for our track days for practicing my awards was born here in Brunswick in 1999 so that was exactly 10 years after after the the border opened he hasn’t seen all the caravans of people coming from the east to Braunschweig buying all the bananas and all the stuff they have never never got gotten in in there in the country well I’m really thankful for my dad because he he provides me all the opportunities with the racing with the motorbikes
he trusts me so much she’s letting me ride all his expensive and super cool motorcycles on the street she can she can write those bikes perfectly and she enjoys it also so I think we’ll have a good future together I’m an introvert I’m quite shy at some times and then just people are coming to me and say wow I’ve met you on Instagram and it’s so nice to see in person around me Wow thank you because it’s a really big compliment to me not something that happens every day while we’re on the starch everything’s gone I’m not excited I’m not afraid I just think about what I’m gonna do I’m putting the gear and I’m letting the clutch come and I just go and then it’s just just the track it’s frightening at times but you get more comfortable and you become faster and then suddenly you become  r1 fairings   the guy overtaking others which is a really cool feeling I just do my mind my thing and I try to make a good start so I don’t get into the bunch of people getting to the first corner because that’s horrible when there’s like 20 guys next to you like I have to go well you feel kind of lost when you’re the first one because you have nobody in front of you and you’re just like okay I don’t know like where the guys are as I thought behind me are they really close I’d love to do more racing and it’s hard for me to manage both because for example now I’m in the middle of exams and it’s really exhausting to race the Vice and then in the evening like continue studying the stuff you have to know for the exams maybe get on a faster bike and learn some new stuff and if it goes well maybe I will focus on the racing more I can like pause my studies so I say okay I’m gonna make a pause for one season and I’m going to give everything for the racing and if it goes well I can continue my name is Maya I am known on Instagram as the Duchess of Speed I am 20 years old and I rise a classic Ducati

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