How to mount batwing fairing to forks

two-inch clamp from Home Depot to a half-inch clamp from Home Depot a little tight to get this one on this one when I’m pretty easy but this one was a little tight you just go on by these clamps the riveted on so this plate here stays on there then this here just one inch spacer this is a half inch spacer and quarter inch spacers make it three three quarters they didn’t have any 3/4 so that’s why I have that there and I just got these beauty nuts go on here with some Loctite so they don’t come back off now the bolt the one through here that’s a carriage bolt all I did was drill hole a half-inch hole and put them through there and then the square square head on the end of the bolt here just kind of press this through there so it stays nice and tight inside that hole that I drill then you can card a see up in there but I drilled two holes one there there’s one back in there it’s really hard to see and then I put rubber grommets on there this hole here is the hole for the wires going to power the radio and running back speakers winter back here underneath the bag one on one side one on the other this other hole now this is a powered antenna that I got from parts store just your normal parts store here and I just ran that right up underneath here you can see it’s just a flat strip but it does really well it’s a powered antenna so it works very well screw the ground into the side screw here of the of the headlight here from your stereo store this is for a boat it’s a boat cover three on your boat and then a Walmart Radio cheapo radio as I like a pawn shop or something is where I got that at and then when I was picking that up the parts store or at the stereo store with a boat cover I picked up these massive speakers guy says he sells them to boat people all the time so he hasn’t had any return so I’m hoping that that’ll be on the up and up of that one but I know you asked about these brackets and how I mounted motorcycle fairings
it so I just wanted to put that out there on the holes that come with the the plates that come with them the holes are so far apart that I end up having to drill a whole another hole here and I made the bracket straight instead of at a curve so that way the headlights it’s in there nice and neat but these holes are Center to Center three inches apart um and the reason why I had to do that was because of the the tree down here I couldn’t get the bracket the clamp that I got to go down any further and this is too far down it it lines up with this with this tree here so I couldn’t use that hole anyway but these practice these cost me four dollars apiece or something for something these spacers cost me two dollars two dollars you know this thing these Beauty nuts cost me you know their bulk bin so they didn’t cost me much of Bongard when I mounted this I mounted these plates here to these flanges then I bolted my fairing to these plates is the same thing I did the same thing to the other side if you can see that there I just bolted it to the bike first I did I did have to keep one of these loose I think it was the bottom when I kept loose and made sure the tight one was tight I had all these bolted up but I left these clamps here loose so when I put the fairing on to these plates I had a little bit of play to where I can get them on there once I have the fairing on varying that the part of the fairing the held of radio once I had that on then I had and I was able to put this on afterwards it’s actually a very nice kit very nice bearing that you can get from the u.s. trailer store I just typed in US trailer store comm tons to choose from Yamaha’s Harleys you name it a bit it was very easy to order once I had it ordered it literally only took like three days to get here and I’m you know smack dab in the middle of the country but if you’re ordering from like you know California or Florida you know I don’t know where they’re located at but it might take you longer to get it from wherever you’re located but I’m smack dab in the center so they didn’t take long for me to get it now um this is just a Yamaha I didn’t come with anything it had some scratched up saddlebags on it before the leather ones so I got these off of Amazon these are just some hard saddlebags a lot of comments on there about the quality of plastic and all that stuff I to be honest with you for what they are and what you’re getting um they’re not do not that bad um they give you a key key to keys with them it’s got like a little curve right here to let you know that it’s the saddlebag key because it’s curved just kind of like the saddlebag this little lever right here just pops up he goes in and then you have you know some space has lights and lights just I just got these little these little plastic holders and I use the screws that come in the saddlebag and I just use those and ran my wire up and I came up over here’s the wire right here coming out you can see it’s right there coming out I put it through the frame in the flange right there coming out the one underneath this chrome piece and it’s tied in right here behind my casing this casing here take the allen wrench you get that out take this off and all your wires right there take the test light turn your blinker on you know when you find the right wire just crimp into that you want to splice into your you want to cut your your wires off that little clip in there you just buy the crimps that crimp the wire from the bag to that wire there so you’re not you’re not really cutting anything and then they light up just like the other ones brackets very easy to put on is by VCC I use the same Beauty nuts and some spacers here I just put the back foot up behind behind the backrest bracket near the other side and show you it’s the same thing over here I just came out right here with Dwyer the same thing with beauty knives and will trace it all over and see this back luggage rack another Amazon thing a very nice smell wife says this is very comfortable it I mean it’s very soft um not bad not bad it’s you can tell it’s not thick like your seat but it’s not bad it comes with one of these one of these chrome plug into deals and then the key they send you two keys with that as well and it’s a square key obviously because the trunk is square and a nice little latch back here this clips it up it will hold my full face and my wife’s half base it will hold two full face but it will hold a full face and a half half half element it comes with these nice little liners in here nice little liners and also you’ll see the bolts and brackets and stuff underneath there works out very well very good expensive if you plan on going with one of these you are going to have to get the luggage rack the chrome luggage rack here the reason why you’re gonna have to get this is to mount this to it because it doesn’t come with anything it just comes with this these were actually very cheap on Amazon as well they’re only 30 bucks I mean for to mount this to 30 bucks I was happy with that I have to make nothing it you know both right up I don’t have to do nothing too too fancy or too ghetto to make it work this was great it’s already chrome it’s already plated I don’t deal with it at 30 bucks Ivan that was cheap um the only thing I did have to do is I’ve set sits at an angle so I had to drill a hole right next to the factory hole there is a factory hole I drill a hole next to it to make this level and I just put a level on it after it was level so now this trunk can sit there level no if you look at the bike let me get a different angle here well if you look at the bike it’s not much I mean it’s just a Yamaha v-star you know just a simple bike but I don’t want to pay all that money for a touring model so I went out and got my own stuff this front fairing was 230 bucks $229 from the us trailer store yamaha r6 fairings
it comes with two different windshields clear and attended goes all the bolts you need here because of the mounting plates the bolts to mount the plate to the bearing itself but it doesn’t come with these they did want you to get they tell you what to get to to mount this to here but I didn’t want to take these sleeves off because they taper so they want you to take these these factory sleeves off and then it just looks ghetto when you take those off and put those brackets on I didn’t like the way it looked so I don’t want to do it taking my Forks off my whole front end off just take that plate off so I left it and I just went and got these eventually I’ll take the stickers off so you won’t see it blend right in and then these bags I got I got both bags both right and left bag with lights I got these for sixty two dollars off Amazon cheap and expensive its trunk very trunk I got this with everything you see here I got that for $60 off Amazon and the luggage chrome luggage rack right there I got that for 30 bucks so oh no I have under $1,000 into doing this I mean it’s crazy under $1,000 I mean you can’t even go to Yamaha and buy art saddlebags for under $1,000 so you want to get you know hard saddlebags for under a thousand you might as well just go with something like this then they have bigger ones knees but I like the way these look with the curvature of the fender and all that but worked out very well on I hope me explaining this to r6 fairings   you helped you figure out how to mount these where to get this stuff from who to who to get it from and whatnot so you won’t have a problem later on down the road well thanks for watching

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