Is the 07 too old for the Suzuki GSXR

what’s up guys sean here from sr k cycles comm and I’m riding a bike I’m riding a bike that is very first of all it is obnoxious ly loud it’s it might be as loud as my race bike its obnoxiously loud but this bike it’s very very near and dear to my heart because it’s the same bike 2007 GSXR 600 that I’ve I’ve I’ve been riding for a long time this is the same as my track bike I just I feel I just dislike fits me like a glove I just feel very very very comfortable on it and I go I always have I think they’re great bikes I think you can hop on this and keep up with a with the modern 600 there’s not that many big differences with them this light guys 27,000 miles it’s just so ridiculously loud   2006 gsxr 600 fairings     it does have exhaust okay I’ll just informed me I don’t have a motorcycle tag right one thing about these things it’s a it’s just a nimble light bike that parts are so cheap for anyone can get parts for a bike like this a million of them out there some cool design things they did is they got the turn signals inside the mirrors instead of having someone goofy who can turn signals hang an app that everyone wants to change which makes it so keep people are gonna leave the turn signals on because they’re kinda mirrors and they’re very wide the why do turn signals are the more visible you’re going to be it’s a cool design also the bikes I like your indicator it’s got a stereo dampener down in there bad thing is it’s not an adjustable steering dampener that’s alright if you want an adjustable steering dampener you can do what I do is I put one right on top that GPR stereo dampener you might be able to get an adjustable one that goes down in there like a Nolan’s or something like that that could be another possible option I know a lot of you guys out there you like loud bikes I think it’s absolutely I think this thing is absolutely obnoxious and it’s gonna have on the highway it’s probably gonna have a drone that I I you know the kind of thing that makes you want to just shoot yourself in the face I mean it just got a drone right now yeah but these bikes are still very fast very quick twenty-seven thousand miles is nothing for that for this bike no joke when I was a back when I lived in Georgia and I had him I was riding my bike there was a kid that worked for the same company that I worked for and he had a in the same year was a white one they get fifty nine thousand miles on it so we would we went out we had a friendly little you know I’m when it goes fast as I can go you’re ready to go as fast as you can go you know up to yamaha r6 fairings
the speed limit and this kid biscuit pulaar me he pulled by about 2 or 3 bikes on me I was kind of annoyed all up but but he also weighed a hundred pounds so you’re looking at all things being equal pretty much my bike guys less miles and went up the point I’m trying to make is that this it didn’t matter it didn’t make any difference fifty thousand miles I’m one of these planks made no difference in power is by pool on me but he went three probably weighed 70 pounds less than I did the dude was tiny a tiny little guy like little tiny Valentino Rossi’s have a guy so if you want to make your bike faster lose that belly that’s the biggest way to or cut your leg off there’s another good way to lose some weight so Suzuki puts this button on here see right there it’s a pass button and all it does is it just splashes the high beams no r6 fairings   one knows why they do it what are you who are you telling it well I go I don’t I don’t know why they I have no clue come on Ryder come on fellow Ryder so I love these bikes nothing about these bikes feel old or dated or heavy I mean it this just feels like a modern SportBike like what you would expect if you were looking up on one of these and you can spend a couple more bucks for like a no wait you’re an oh nine or something like that unless you like the styling that much better I don’t think you’re getting that much more of a bike I mean the only difference I could think of is you know they change the lighting and stuff like that the headlight and
then they also they added mode buttons a B and C mode but for a 600 I don’t really want it any slower it’s a fast bike come on it’ll get me wrong but Moe it’s on a 600 it might be good if you’re just learning but normally I don’t even notice that much of a difference with the modes so in my opinion save your money get something like this have a lot of fun oh forgot through the words of wisdom throwing them in at the end all right guys Romans 56 no so there’s no Roman said this is Psalm 56 3 whenever I’m afraid I will trust you if there’s ever one person that you need to be trusting it’s God all right guys they’re up the test-drive of this awesome 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 it runs good fires up good shifter all the gears could clutch feels great pops the front end up real easy it’s just a great bike it’s very clean check out the Walker on video this bike will not last long we’ll see you guys later remember it’s not what you’re riding but where you going

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