Motorcycle Race Fairing Install Howto

this is going to be an attitude for installing race bearings the bike we didn’t writing style airings on is on that cbr600rr to 2007 I’ve got some arm of the body’s bodywork that I’m going to install along here the first thing I’m going to install is the tail the reason I’ll start with the tail is because it doesn’t connect anything else so it’s pretty much just straightforward fit on sometimes you have to trim it a little bit under here or on the edges that make it fit properly we’ll do an initial fit and see how it does so the basic tools that you’re going to need for the installation is this drill and this step drill bit unibit also known as a unit it’s one drill bit that allows you to drill a variety of size holes you can start with a pilot hole and then just drill a small hole all with the tip of it and then as you go deeper it drills a bigger and bigger hole looks like it’s gonna be a pretty good fit right off the bat the next thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna drill a small pilot hole in each one of these dip divots and make sure that the wellnitz align up properly before we drill the holes out bigger one thing you can do is if you draw the drill a small pilot hole is you can kind of get an idea of where the hole is supposed to be just to make sure it’s lining up properly and if it’s off a little bit when you drill the hole bigger you can drill off to the side one way or another to make any small adjustments do now have a tail section mounted on and all the bolts in it’s a good and secure next I are going to mount this front fender on here and I’ll pre-drill these two holes and  2007 gsxr 600 fairings

then a hole here for that ear to mount on right there so we got these two I’m out pulling points there and there and then one there so once again I’ll drill a small pilot hole and these two mount points right here no preliminary test fit the fender on there and then mark the ear Holstrom met the hero now right screws you know how the fender secured so we have all three bolts on each side in next up the amount the tank cover usually it’s not like Honda’s that had the tank covers most bikes don’t have a tank cover so this is an extra step required for this bike but the only thing we need to do is a test fit this on here like this looks like it fits good there’s only two all we need to drill for our bolts and that’s on each side right here by these leg panels these front panels here will be we’ll have to put these two Zeus fasteners in when we mount the ever next part about having these three strings up is probably the most critical it’s where the firm lower or mounted on and what you need to do is you need to be careful and have everything kind of mocked up and fitted together before you start drilling in things since the especially on this bike since the upper max to the tank cover up here and it also mounts the lower down here so if you get it out of alignment then it’s going to throw off everything on how it all fits together what I like to do is I like to take these little orange clamps and then fit the bodywork on here and get in position I’ll take these clamps and fold it like that together in the various balance box so that I’m kind of getting it all mocked up alright now that I got the upper mounted on the bike somewhat with the clips just to kind of hold it in place then I’ll hold this lower up here and Mark a rough opening for these frame sliders so that I can get it kind of mocked up and then I’ll kind of mount it in place maybe put a couple of spot holes back in the back because they’re going to be exactly in one spot and get that back section mounted up and then I’ll use the clamps to kind of hold this together up here and make sure all this is adjusted properly before we mark and drill the holes all right I got the lower mocked up and temporarily mounted on there I’m using these clips to hold it to the upper and then we mounted the screw back in the back it pretty much only goes in one spot so we went ahead and drilled and use that to temporary hold it on there and then we just made a rough cut around here where the frame slider is and then we’ll trim that up and a little bit once we put the puck on there and trace around it after the fairings are finished mounted the next thing I’m going to do is drill out these holes here for the upper fairing mount the upper fairing staying out point and then once that’s done we’ll drill these holes right here for that mount point and then then we’ll mount that these diseased fasteners and the tank cover and where the upper meets the lower all right got the upper mounted on and then screw it in and everything mocked up the next thing I want to do I’m going to mark where I’m going to put the deuce fasteners in where   yamaha r6 fairings  

the upper meets the lower the thing has to be careful on here is that you want to check for clearance behind the fastener where the fastener goes through the bodywork and make sure you’re not going to hit anything like a radiator hose or the radiator you don’t want the end of this vibrating and causing a leak of any kind so what I do is I just kind of hold this up here like this and then kind of check where this goes through and check for any clearance and make sure it’s not going to rub on anything all right went ahead now check the clearance on the diseased fasteners and made some marks here where I wanted to place the fastener and then I’m at her lower back home and I’ve made the marks with a pencil where I wanted to drill the holes one thing you have to be careful of is not to drill the holes too high because then when you drill the big hole for the fastener to go through it’ll it won’t have a good amount of fiberglass above it so that it’s strong so the next thing we’ll do is we’ll drill some small pilot holes in here and then I’ll pull this off you know reach limits to mount these backing plates on I prefer the ribbon on a backing plate just to slip on so they stay on better next thing I’m going to do is finish drilling out these pilot holes that I drilled for the Zeus fasteners I’m going to drill them out big enough to put in to put a fastener all the way through the hole then after I drill out the main hole for the Zeus fastener to go through then I’m gonna hold the back and plate up and line it up and I’ll take a pencil mark two small holes for the pop rivets to go in once I drill out those two small holes for the pop rivets I’ll put the backing plate on there and use my popular of a gun the popper to the backing plates in place they got finished mounting the fairings on finished putting all the backing plates on for the diseased fasteners as you can see the backing plates are riveted on and then all that’s required to put them on just stick them in and twist them on the rivets here they had this washer you put that on this side of the bodywork there’s also a second washer I’m not gonna put it on yet that you put it on once you slide it through and put it on the back side right there before it goes into the backing plate that will help keep the rivets or the the fasteners on the bodywork after you remove after you do the quarter turn release and take like if you’re taking off the lower or the upper then that will leave just make  ninja 250r fairings   it to where the fasteners actually stay with the bodywork there like a retention washer the only thing left to do is to just mount the windscreen the holes are already dimpled so we’ll just drill those and put the windscreen mounting screws in there and that’s it you

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