Vintage 1979 Suzuki GS850G Motorcycle Cruiser with Vetter Fairing and Bags Walk Around

hello we youtubers looking at our latest acquisition here I thought we don’t have enough two wheelers already but price was right on this and kind of a cool motorcycle so what  r6 fairings  we have here is a 1979 Suzuki gs-15 G actually and the G denotes that this bike was a shaft drive many in the industry say that the GS series of Suzuki’s had one of the best designed engines ever produced they had roller bearings on the crank shaft and just a bulletproof bottom and you can see the miles there 17 289 I have seen many of these motorcycles with well over 50,000 summoned a hundred thousand mile range basically this bike was designed as a cruiser and I’ve written it a few times now and this is very smooth it is very quiet it has the original exhaust still on it that’s in good shape and very quiet very smooth going down the road it is and it’s surreal after writing some v-twin motorcycles and some of that it’s a equipped with the better package which is the fairing the side bags and the top bag kind of Star Wars looking but remember this bike was built in 1979 so you’re at the height of the disco era which fits this motorcycle I think as an inexpensive alternative to a true touring bike in being a little nostalgia I think it’s a pretty neat bike and would make a great Cruiser because
it is very very smooth you see the backrest built in to the better trunk pack and the seats pretty huge and very wide I mean you can see my arm here it goes all the way across so kind of fun the aluminum on it has some oxidation I’ll have to polish up to get it in tip-top shape and some rattle-can restoration will be in order that’s a pretty neat bike the gentleman that we bought it from was like the best guy you could ever buy anything from very honest very meticulous and what he has changed on it these GS a 50s are known or electrical charging issues and he has upgraded the stator and the rectifier rectifier and regulator not to state a rectifier and regulator have been replaced as has the points ignition it has a Dyna electronic ignition in it which is a turn the key and you’re ready to go this thing is a four-cylinder 849 CCS I think is what it is it’s got lose that 17 inch wheel on the front and not sure what size it’s got on the back probably an 18 brand new tires you can see the gentlemen like you said he took great pride very meticulous gentleman it’s got a new battery also tires the electronics have been upgraded it’s just a pretty cool piece for what we paid for it and again very very honest gentleman if I could do all my business transactions through them it would be a wonderful place and they give you an idea again how a vintage this thing is a 79 it’s got am/fm don’t know if it’s got a cassette apparently not but it’s got a CB doesn’t work right now and I don’t know if I’ll mess around with that or not but you want to show you these things are a little cold-blooded starting up but once they do I haven’t run it and brought it around here you have to pull
the choke when it’s cold I don’t like the bike that will be good and bear with me when I pull the clutch in hit the start button see how quiet the bike is it is fast rubbing the tecapa nor is cable driven and it’s a little slow see a Ryan I’ll give you other beers that was with aftermarket exhaust these things are just awesome they do make a great convenience now bike simply take the fairing and bags off I changed the handlebars and really that’s about  yamaha r1 fairings   it maybe lower it a little bit in the front and would be a great cafe bike they make around seventy five horsepower and that would probably be at the crankshaft back in 79 I don’t think that was wheel horsepower I did see a dyno of one on YouTube here that had aftermarket pipes and jetted it made 71 horsepower at the tire which is a lot of horsepower for a motorcycle anyway not being a crotch rocket I like this because it’s got the cafe style rear big taillight this bike you can be seen on and these bags with a simple key come right off they use like a pin latch type system and the trunk stays on there’s a lot of storage there and the neat thing is they come off they get a little handle here you can take them into a hotel room with here whatever have you overall a pretty fun bike this give me an idea look at the thickness of this windshield  motorcycle fairings   you look at the aftermarket windshields of today and they’re nearly half that thick so there was a lot of quality involved vents for the air pretty cool little time capsule and will determine what we’re gonna do with it if we cafe it her cruise it for a while that is a very very smooth that’s reminiscent of a an old style gold wing as far as smoothness goes and go from there um I have a little bit of cleaning up to do but it’s so very presentable as it is

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