How to Stay Safe with Your Fake ID

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Fake ID is an abbreviation of Fake Identity. It is common for a very long time now. Where to buy fake IDs is also a big question as you have to make sure that you get them from the sources which will keep you safe. Getting a fake ID from non-reliable services can put you in entirely of trouble. However, if you use reliable sources for obtaining a fake ID, you can enjoy all the fun that it offers as they take care of all the minor details and can easily prevent you from getting caught as they are exactly like the real IDs.

Reddit Fake ID:

Fake ID is a document that has some false information written on it, and it imitates the real ID which is provided by the government. Fake IDs are used for several purposes. It is noted that the fake IDs are mostly used by the people of age under 21 to buy alcohol or to obtain the entry into the club. Fake IDs have to be used carefully and should be obtained by reliable sources. Getting a fake ID from unreliable sources can leave you in a serious dilemma, so it is highly necessary that you be very careful about where to buy fake IDs from.

How a Fake ID is usually identified:

Bar owners are typically asked to detect fake IDs before they lend alcohol to the youngsters. There are many techniques by which people identify a fake ID, but there are some IDs which mimic the real ones to such an extent that it is almost impossible to identify them and distinguish them from the real ones. To stay safe go through the points and make sure you don’t have an immature fake ID.

  • Compare it with valid ID: The first and the easiest way is to compare the ID with a real ID which you know is a valid one. For example, if you feel the difference in the thickness of the two, then it can be caught as a fake ID.
  • Check grammar: Well that is true to quite an extent. Fake IDs still often make mistakes in grammar which can be caught easily. Using unreliable sources for obtaining a fake ID can often make such significant mistakes.
  • Compare photo: Fake ID also loses their credibility if the image on the ID is different from the real person.
  • Identity description: Identity description is one of the primary ways a fake ID can be caught. Do make sure that the identity description written on the ID matches you.
  • Height and Weight: Fake IDs often have height and weight which are entirely different from the person. Check if the height or weight mentioned on ID is not exactly but is near to your actual weight and height.
  • Signature: Very perfect signatures are rarely present on the real IDs. If a good looking signature is present on the ID, it is most likely that someone can catch you as the signature can be caught as a font.
  • Laser perforation: Most state IDs have a laser image on them which is most likely to be of the state it is from. The laser makes tiny holes to form, and it can only be seen if you hold it up to the light. If you can’t see the image, then it gives away that you are holding a fake ID
  • Tilting ID: Most IDs yet not all have the image which shows up as you tilt the ID. So if the feature is not present, then it gives the fake ID away.
  • Thick photo: One major thing that can give up the fake ID is a full photo. Run your finger along the photo if you feel that the photo is raised it is most likely that the picture is pasted on top of the real one hence giving away the fakeness of the ID completely.
  • Ghost image: Some IDs have a ghost picture present under the signature. If the ghost image is different from the real image, then it can easily be identified as a fake ID.
  • Overlay: Many of the IDs have an overlay on them for extra security. Put them under the flashlight, and you can see the overlay.
  • Blurred lettering: Many fake IDs are prepared with high efficiency on the front but they usually copy the back, so if you see blurred lettering or anything which indicates that it is a photocopy then it is very likely to be caught as a fake one.
  • UV light: The ID cards often have an image on them which can only be seen under UV light which is most likely to be of the state seal or something like that. If the image is not present when you check it under the UV light, then the ID can easily be identified as fake.
  • Rainbow coloring: Many of the IDs use rainbow coloring in which the shade changes across the card. If you have a card which is of a single color instead of the rainbow, then it can be a problem for you.
  • Microprint: Nowadays many IDs are secured with micro-printing which can be checked under the microscope. Make sure that you have all the microprint present on your fake ID.
  • Tactile Laser engraving: Many cards have tactile laser engraving on it. Run your hand over the ID number, Birth date, and Signature, and you can feel it. If you don’t feel it, then it can easily be recognized as a fake ID.
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Now you must have a clear idea that making a fake ID which resembles the real one perfectly is undoubtedly a difficult task. So it highly necessary to ask the question of where to buy fake IDs from idgod. The simple answer is, always go for the reliable ones which are known to take care of all the small details. Getting an ID from unreliable sources are most likely to give up their fakeness as they don’t take care of the minor details.